Hazel 3.0.12 Release Notes

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New features:
  • Added support for Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. Note that if Growl is installed, it will use Growl notifications instead.
  • Added “current date” attribute for use in patterns.
User interface changes:
  • All graphics now updated for retina displays.
  • Fixed crash when picking Spotlight attributes.
  • Fixed resizing issues with script editors and other popovers.
  • Fixed scroller not appearing for rules that don’t fit on the screen.
  • Copy/pasting of custom tokens in a condition will now generate new names for them instead of creating bad copies (the names have to be unique within a rule).
  • Various tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed crashes in the helper and worker processes.
  • Fixed custom tokens with slashes (/) in the captured value not working.
  • Documents which also happen to be zip files (iWork and Microsoft Office documents, for example) will no longer match the “Archive” kind.
  • When importing into iTunes/iPhoto/Aperture, Hazel will adjust the timeout depending on the size of the file being imported. This should hopefully avoid imports timing out on large files.
  • Fixed rules using “date last matched” not triggering in specific circumstances.
  • Miscellaenous fixes.