Hazel 2.3 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • Added multiuser support for App Sweep. If enabled, when you throw something away, other users on the same machine, when they log in, will also get a chance to also throw away their support files.
  • Added autocompletion to fields in the rule interface. Saves typing for common phrases and tags.
  • Expanded formatting options for different attributes.
    • Numeric attributes can have number of digits specified.
    • List attributes can be set to select only the first or last item instead of displaying all items.
    • Custom tokens will show formatting options based on what types of characters it consists of.
  • [Leopard] Added in-app store. Purchase Hazel from the app itself and have the license automatically downloaded and registered. Tiger users will continue to be directed to the website.
  • Added syntax highlighting for shell scripts. Works not only for shell (sh/bash) scripts, but for Python, Perl, Ruby and awk as well.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the script editor.
  • Added special “enclosing folder” which can be the destination of move/copy operations. Allows one to move/copy a file or folder up one level.
  • Growl notification action now has an option to make it “sticky” (it will stay on the screen until clicked on). You can still override this in Growl’s preferences.
  • Attributes which are lists of items now can use pattern matching in conditions.
  • The “Unarchive” action can now handle RAR files (including multipart archives). Upon successful unarchiving, all the RAR parts will be thrown away and replaced with the unarchived contents.
  • Added support for Transmission and Opera. If the apps are installed, they will appear in the QuickList drop-down when adding a folder.
  • Obsoleting keywords. Keywords are being phased out. If you are using keywords, you should receive a warning about converting your rules as well as a button to take you to a web page that gives more details on why this is being done and how you can migrate over. The page includes a program to convert existing files.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed preview not accurately showing results of rules filtering on “Subfolder depth.”
  • Fixed custom tokens sometimes not appearing in the attribute lists for actions.
  • Multiple App Sweep windows are now consolidated into one with tabs.
  • Fixed “Reveal in Finder” contextual menu item not working in the App Sweep window.
  • Fixed bugs with the “Kind” menu. Would sometimes get confused when a rule first loaded up, ending up with no “Kind” selected.
  • The warning icon for rules with errors should be more reliable as to when it is displayed (or not displayed).
  • Added “View Log” to menubar icon menu.
  • For unregistered users, menubar icon menu now shows time left in trial.
  • Added “hidden” debug mode checkbox. In the “Info” tab, hold down the option key and the checkbox will appear. Checking this option will enable debug logging.
  • Fixed hitting return in a pattern field sometimes not registering.
  • Error messages in the AppleScript editor are now selectable.
  • Fixed visual indicators on folders in folder list. Those that are inaccessible (on an ejected/unmounted drive) show as faded while those that are just gone (deleted) will have a red “x” on them. They should also have different tool tips explaining their status. Also, they should be better at staying up to date.
  • If a folder is inaccessible (the drive it is on has been ejected/unmounted), the UI will hide menu items to run rules manually.
  • The minute and seconds tokens in the date format interface now default to formatting as two digits.
  • Fixed spring-loaded folders not following Finder preferences on Leopard.
  • Numerous UI tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed how custom tokens match text. It won’t affect whether a pattern as a whole matches or not. Instead it affects what portion of the text gets “captured” by a custom token. It should now work in a way that makes more intuitive sense. If you use custom tokens, you may want to re-check how things work with the new behavior.
  • App Sweep has been improved to catch even more files.
  • Performance improvements in App Sweep. Scans should be a tad faster now.
  • Should now be able to derive the “Kind” from certain files without extensions that have a Kind assigned to them based on their creator code/file type.
  • Fixed Hazel getting confused when a file with the same filename would appear in a folder over and over again. In such cases, Hazel would think it was the same file.
  • If a file is going to be renamed to the same name, will now skip it so as to avoid updating any timestamps.
  • Fixed Hazel losing track of files on unmounted drives. Hopefully, now, Hazel won’t see these files as “new” again when you remount the drive.
  • Should be more responsive after a drive is mounted. If Hazel is monitoring a folder on that drive, its rules will run immediately.
  • Fixed hours being displayed in the range 0-11 instead of 1-12.
  • Fixed crash when trash directory is missing.
  • Fixed crash which occurred with certain Spotlight database schemas.
  • New FolderScanInterval default to override Hazel’s scan interval. The value should be specified in seconds.
  • Various other fixes.