Hazel 2.3.6 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed rules not loading when a rules file was double-clicked.
  • Fixed help button being broken in the Trash pane.
  • Fixed + button sometimes getting stuck in “duplicate” mode after option key is released (visually, it would show the right icon but clicking it would make it behave as if the option key were being held down).
  • Fixed instructional text in script editor not updating properly when loading in a non-sh script.
  • Menubar icon darkened to match black levels of other icons. Depending on your monitor’s color calibration, it should make it easier to distinguish between active and disabled states.
  • Fixed some sporadic crashes in the UI.
  • Various cosmetic tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed file counter attribute going wacky once it counts up to 10. Hazel now goes to 11 (and beyond).
  • Hazel should now recognize duplicate files with the simple pattern of “File 1”, “File 2”, etc. It appears Finder/BOMArchiveHelper generates this pattern when unarchiving files so Hazel should be able to clean those up now (provided you have the option checked to purge dupes).
  • Fixed a crash in the HazelHelper process.
  • File locking now done by opening the file read-only (as opposed to read-write). This fixed the problem where Hazel scanning would inadvertently uncompress files that were using HFS compression.
  • Numerous other fixes.