Hazel 2.3.5 Release Notes

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New features:
  • Added “source folder” attribute to be used in rename/subfolder patterns. Represents the original folder the file/folder was located in. You can set the formatting of the attribute to show the relative path from the watched folder. The upshot of this is you can move/copy a file to another folder and then sort it into a subfolder, basically mirroring the folder structure at the source.
  • Added “#” attribute. This represents a counter where it substitutes an ever increasing number each time. Can be used to number files sequentially.
  • Now integrates with Speed Download. Its download folder is selectable in the open dialog when adding a folder to monitor. In addition, Hazel will recognize its incomplete downloads and numbering scheme (for the purposes of identifying possible dupes).
  • Hazel can now run AppleScript bundles (scptd).
User interface changes:
  • Added tool tips for most draggable attributes.
  • Fixed the crumpled paper icon in the App Sweep window. It would draw incorrectly on certain Mac models.
  • Fixed the “enclosing folder” icon in folder pop-ups possibly not drawing optimally on certain Mac models.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t edit any rules after a certain sequence of events.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t edit certain rules containing an embedded AppleScript.
  • Fixed the interface bugging out if you clicked on an invalid folder and opted to select a new one then cancelled the open dialog.
  • When editing the number of digits for a number, the case for 0 digits is now displayed as “No change”, meaning that the number will be displayed as it was given.
  • Fixed flakiness when deleting a custom token.
  • Various other UI fixes and tweaks.
  • Minor tweaks to help files.
Core changes:
  • AppSweep now cleans out the -Caches- folder under /var/folders
  • AppSweep now cleans out Growl tickets.
  • Fixed possible crasher when AppSweep is triggered.
  • Fixed case where if a custom token matched text with numbers in it, it would remove any leading zeroes on that text instead of letting it pass through untouched.
  • Fixed certain actions failing after a script action if the script swapped the file for a different one.
  • Fixed case on Leopard where AppSweep would copy instead of move a file across volumes.
  • Fixed the “date opened” attribute. Would bomb when executing the rule if used in a pattern.
  • Fixed detection of Finder numbered duplicates (e.g. somefile copy 2).
  • Will automatically purge any of the temporary Hazel pref files in the Preferences directory. This should follow a weekly schedule when the logs are rotated. This is a workaround for an Apple bug.
  • Plugged memory leak.
  • Numerous fixes.