Hazel 2.3.3 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • [Snow Leopard] Hazel, when running on Snow Leopard, now uses Snow Leopard’s data size units. Snow Leopard changed its notion of kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB), gigabyte (GB) to be base 10 instead of base 2. Hazel now matches this but brings up a warning since this changes the interpretation of file sizes in trash settings and rules.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed the “Library” playlist not showing up in the pop-up for the “Import into iTunes” action with iTunes 9 installed.
  • Fixed AppSweep window not showing icons.
  • The AppSweep window is now Spaces aware. Should appear in the active Space.
  • When rules are imported, if the rules file’s name matches a folder, it will be initially selected in the list.
  • Fixed the rename function not working when invoked from the contextual or action menus.
  • Will now scroll to the selected folder in the folder list on startup if it isn’t normally visible.
  • UI optimizations.
Core changes:
  • Improvements/fixes to AppSweep’s scanning of PDF services.
  • App Sweep will no longer consider apps only on disk images to be installed. As a result, if the last copy of an app is on a disk image, it will not stop App Sweep as it did before.
  • Fixed crash of the background process.
  • Files with modification dates set too far into the future will no longer be considered “busy”.
  • [Snow Leopard] Hazel may accumulate numerous temporary files in your preferences folder. This problem has been minimized greatly but will not totally go away until a fix is provided by Apple. You can remove any of the files that end in random characters, but not the ones that end in just .plist
  • [Snow Leopard] Added workaround for Apple bug where its move/copy routine would fail for files with slashes (/) in their name (these are the equivalent of colons (:) when using UNIX paths).
  • [Snow Leopard] Fixed a couple cases of rule conditions failing on accented characters.
  • [Snow Leopard] Fixed various deprecation warnings.
  • Fixed error in logs when using the preview function.
  • Made improvements to code that handles Firefox (and related browsers) prefs. Should be able to deal with multiple profiles now.
  • Various memory optimizations including plugging a memory leak or two.
  • Miscellaneous cleanups and fixes for stability.