Hazel 2.2.4 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed attribute picker having partial results when it is dismissed before it is finished loading and then brought back up.
  • Fixed bug where duplicating a rule with a shell script would result in the shell scripts being “linked”.
  • Fixed crash when closing the rule interface after editing an AppleScript. Would happen if Script Assistant was enabled in Script Editor.
  • Fixed error logged to console when compiling a blank AppleScript.
  • Fixed rule preview not indicating possible dupes.
  • Minor UI fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed temporary files filling up the trash over time when an unarchiving operation failed over and over.
  • Fixed sporadic crash when logging a failed unarchiving operation.
  • Should better deal with the rare situation of a metadata field no longer existing.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.