Hazel 2.2.2 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • Added “Export All” function to export all rules for all folders at once. Useful for doing quick backups of all rulesets.
  • Growl notification system now less chatty with errors. If a specific notification is already showing, it will not be shown again. If an error keeps happening on the same file over and over, a Growl notification will only be sent once a day for that file. Note that logs will still show every instance of the error.
  • Spotlight attributes represented by dates now behave like the built-in date attributes in renaming patterns. You can click on them and edit their format.
User interface changes:
  • Spotlight attribute panel/picker now loads incrementally to give a better sense of progress.
  • In the rename/sort into subfolder interfaces, Spotlight attributes should display values in the example text based on their type.
  • Fixed crash when canceling the Spotlight attribute panel before it finishes loading.
  • Fixed sporadic crash in the AppleScript and shellscript editors.
  • [Tiger] Fixed drag and drop of rules.
  • [Tiger] Fixed AppleScript editor inserting handler code when the script was compiled.
  • Fixed Growl not going to the correct file when the notification was clicked on.
  • Fixed highlighting of errors in the AppleScript editor where it would cause an occasional out of bounds error to be logged in the console.
  • Fixed glitch where editing a rule and switching to the “move” action did not update the interface.
  • Rule interface should now better deal with the case where the rule window gets bigger than the screen. It is a still bit quirky at times but should for the most part work. Will need to re-address this issue in a future release.
Core changes:
  • Made file renumbering much more intelligent. Should be able to figure out what part of the filename is really the extension and what part just happens to be parts of the name separated by dots. Should now append the number after the correct part.
  • Changed internal handling of Finder comments. Should better handle files that are on network filesystems and other cases where Spotlight is disabled or inaccessible.
  • Hazel now tries to limit writing its db file to disk when possible.
  • Fixed problems with folders/filenames starting with tilde (~).
  • Fixed scheduling of log rotations. Should re-adjust after waking from sleep.
  • Fixed bug in AppleScript handling where if you returned a record with both the hazelStop and hazelSwitchFile keys, only one of them would be recognized. Not that it makes much sense to have both but it could affect things if more keys are added in the future.
  • Added ErrorNotificationFrequency default to control how often (specified in seconds) you’ll get a Growl notification for the same error message on the same file (see Growl message throttling in the New Features section above). If not set, the default is once a day. Set it to 0 to only get the notification the first time it happens.
  • Log messages that print out error codes should now have a more human-friendly description.
  • Numerous cleanups, fixes and tweaks.