Hazel 2.1 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • Leopard (OS X 10.5) compatibility.
  • Added “Make alias” action.
  • Added “Reveal in Finder” action.
  • Expanded support for different file “Kinds”. Using the “Other…” option, you can choose from a list of every file type on the system.
  • For certain attributes, you can match against whether it is blank or not.
User interface changes:
  • Tweaked general layout of the folder pane.
  • Re-arranged items in the action pop-up. Also, removed prepositions from action names and moved them into their own label after the pop up. Should be more consistent now.
  • Re-arranged and added items to the pop-up of “Kind” values.
  • Re-arranged a couple items in the attribute pop up.
  • Fixed rule preview erroneously indicating that Hazel would descend into non-folders (aliases and symbolic links, for example).
  • Fixed sporadic crash when canceling out of the rule sheet.
  • Should now be able to find iTunes playlists/iPhoto albums in cases where the user moved the whole library by launching iTunes/iPhoto while holding down the option key.
  • The rule preview should handle the case of missing metadata better now.
Core changes:
  • Support for “Folder” and “Alias” Kinds even on filesystems where metadata is unavailable.
  • Improved performance when calculating the size of folders. Should hopefully address performance issues when using rules that filter on size and also descend into subfolders.
  • Changed how the Kind attribute prints out in filenames. Prints the actual Kind and not the more general categories that appear in the pop-up.
  • Fixed sizing calculations following symbolic links. Should no longer do that.
  • Fixed the hours attribute, when set to 24 hour clock, printing out values between 1-24 instead of 0-23.
  • Fixed Spotlight attributes that are lists (like the Authors field) printing out with parentheses or extra quotes when used in file renaming or subfolder creation.
  • You can now edit the casing (lowercase, uppercase, etc.) of Spotlight file attributes that are lists (like the “Authors” field). Just click on the token for the different options.
  • Fixed cases of file attributes with colons being used in filenames.
  • Fixed asterisks being used in conditions making the rules uneditable later.
  • Fixed case when having multiple App Sweep panels, the second one would become unresponsive after throwing away files in the first one.