Hazel 2.1.5 Release Notes

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User Interface changes:
  • [Leopard] Fixed pattern editors being broken in 10.5.2. Spaces were disappearing at the beginning/end of the pattern or right before/after attributes (the lozenge things). Should now work like it did before.
  • [Leopard] Fixed plus/minus buttons under the rules list becoming misaligned if Hazel initially loaded any other pane besides the folder pane.
  • [Leopard] Fixed problem with alert saying eval period has expired even though app was recently registered. This resulted from a specific timing where app was registered after eval period expired but before user was alerted. On Leopard systems, the alert comes up only after the user has gone idle so the notification can be delayed for some time.
Core changes:
  • Reduced chance that App Sweep would consider an app being upgraded as being thrown away.