Hazel 2.1.2 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • [Leopard] Fixed missing arrows on pop up buttons in the rule interface.
  • [Leopard] Color label picker now resembles Leopard’s “square” version on Leopard systems. Tiger version unaffected.
  • Fixed UI not being able to edit a rule when it referenced a script that no longer exists.
  • New installs are set to check for updates weekly. Note that this was done in a previous release but was broken such that the checks did not actually happen (even though the UI indicated it would). This did not affect anyone who set/changed the frequency after the initial launch.
  • Fixed uninstall failing when Hazel was installed machine-wide on Leopard. Leopard tightened permissions on the machine-wide preference pane folder. Should now prompt for a password if necessary.
  • Interface should be slightly better about handling folders on external volumes that are unmounted. You will still get failures when moving/copying to such folders. Looking into reducing the occurrences of these messages (at least for Growl) in a future release.
Core changes:
  • Fixed general issues with Safari and OS X versions. Should now work correctly between different combinations of Safari and OS X, in particular, OS X 10.4.11 which switched to Safari 3.
  • Fixed “Date Last Matched” when the attribute was blank, making it less useful when comparing against other dates.
  • [Leopard] Background tasks now run at a lower IO level. This aspect was lost in the initial Tiger/Leopard transition.
  • Fixed case where hazelfolderwatch was running out of open file descriptors.
  • [Leopard] General updating of internal code to use newer Leopard APIs where possible.