Hazel 2.0 Release Notes

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This is a free upgrade.

New Features:
  • New rule actions:
    • Rename file: Can rename files by specifying a pattern based on file attributes.
    • Sort file into subfolders: Let’s you define a pattern of subfolders into which the file is moved. Patterns can be based on different attributes like date added or the source domain.
    • Unarchive: Unpacks standard archive files and moves them to the trash, leaving the unpacked version in the folder.
    • Send Growl Message: Sends a custom notification via Growl. Growl must be installed for this to be enabled. See Growl support below.
  • App Sweep: Hazel can watch for thrown away applications and offer to throw away its support files.
  • Rule preview: Get a quick overview of what files will match which rules.
  • Growl support: Get notifications of what Hazel is doing on your Desktop. Growl must be downloaded and installed separately.
  • Move and copy actions now have option to replace the existing file.
  • Better Spotlight integration: Rules can now filter on any Spotlight attribute in the system. Just select “Other” in the file attribute pop-up. Spotlight attributes are also available in the “Rename” and “Sort into subfolders” actions via the “Other” token.
  • Support for Flock.
User interface changes:
  • New icons
  • New menubar item. Can be used to start/stop Hazel and run rules manually.
  • License and rules files can now be double-clicked.
  • Rules files can be dropped onto folders or the rule list.
  • Added various animation/transition effects in the interface.
  • Yellow exclamation mark badge appears when a rule becomes invalid (like a destination folder no longer exists).
  • Reversed the semantics of the option for adding keywords and commments. The option is now “Replace existing”. If not checked, it’s the equivalent of checking the “Append” option before. The semantics of your rules should be preserved. It basically just changes the interfaces such that a new rule will default to “Append”.
  • Improved visibility of folder names.
  • Added “View log” button to the “Info” pane. Gives you quick access to Hazel’s log.
  • Added sending of system profile info when checking for updates. This is opt-in (and is off by default) but gives us data on what kind of configs to support.
  • Fixed Sparkle updater sometimes bugging you to upgrade every 30 minutes.
  • Fixed alerts getting buried under other windows in certain cases.
Core changes:
  • New task scheduler written to replace usage of launchd.
    • Fixes issue where Hazel stops working after a log out and log in.
    • Should be more responsive when dealing with mounted volumes.
    • No more annoying launchd log messages.
    • Background tasks are now scheduled in a staggered fashion to minimize any periodic “surges” in activity.
  • Hazel can now be stopped and restarted at will.
  • Detection of busy files has been greatly improved.
  • When appending comments, space is used as a separator instead of newline.
  • Now ignores all invisible files (including dot files) when processing a folder.
  • When calculating sizes of files in a folder, will ignore invisible files. So a folder can be considered empty (size = 0) even if it has files like .DS_Store in it.
  • Hazel has its own log now in ~/Library/Logs/Hazel. Hazel will also rotate them on a weekly basis.
  • Improved locking of internal database files. You should see fewer messages about lockfiles.
  • Rules will now track scripts and Automator workflows if they are moved.
  • Can now deal with iTunes and iLibrary library files that are aliased.
  • Fixed potential looping with renaming.
  • Fixed email address parsing for “is from domain” and “is not for domain” operators.
  • Fixed “contains” and “does not contain” not working for multi-line comments.
  • Fixed “where froms” being stripped on move/copy.
  • Fixed comments with unicode characters getting deconstructed when comment was set or the file was moved/copied.
  • Fixed Hazel losing track of a file if a custom script renames it. Subsequent actions in the same rule should now work.
  • Fixed Archive action losing track of a file. Subsequent actions in the same rule should now work.
  • Fixed multiple executions of rules when run manually.
  • Fixed potential problem with moving/copying not generating the right numbering if the file name is already taken.
  • Sped up setting of Finder comments. Also made it more reliable when Finder comments are accessed multiple times within the same rule.
  • Fixed move and copy operations failing on files with slashes in their names.