Hazel 2.0.2 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • Added “Contents” attribute. Represents the text content of the file. Note that this only includes text indexed by Spotlight. If you can find a file by searching on a particular word, then that word is considered to be contained in the contents.
  • Trash limits were broken in recent releases. This has been fixed.
  • The “Rename” and “Sort into Subfolders” actions should now prevent the creation of any files starting with a dot (“.”) as this would make them invisible in Finder.
  • The “extension” attribute in the “Sort into Subfolders” action no longer prepends the dot (“.”). This should prevent the creation of unintentional extensions on folders.
  • Fixed date added being incorrect for files in subfolders when the subfolder is added.
  • iPhoto importing was returning before it was complete. Doing a move action right afterwards would sometimes interfere with the import. Now, the import should complete before the next action is run.
  • Fixed some of the glitches in the field used to edit patterns. There are still some odd Apple bugs left.
  • Fixed moving a file into a subfolder failing if the file exists. Now renumbers the file as needed.
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.