Hazel 2.0.1 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • Added “Date Last Matched” attribute. Represents the date when a rule was last run against a file. Useful for noticing changes since “the last time.” For instance, you can set Hazel to do a backup by checking if the file was modified since the last matched date and if so, copy it somewhere else.
  • Sample rules have been moved to within Hazel; they are no longer on the disk image. On first launch, you are asked if you want to load them and you can load them later by using the “Load Sample Rules” item in the action menu.
  • In the menu for date attributes, added underlining to indicate the number of digits/zero padding since it is not obvious when the example number has more than one digit.
  • Fixed bug where comments would not get set on certain types of files (file packages?).
  • Fixed military time and other alternate format settings not sticking for date patterns.
  • Fixed bug where comments would be appended even though they were already there.
  • Fixed Spotlight picker, when used from the attribute pop up menu, not going away when an attribute was selected (had to cancel to get rid of it).
  • Fixed multiple Hazel icons in the menubar that can happen on repeated installs.
  • Help menu should now show an entry for Hazel’s help.