Hazel 1.1 Release Notes

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New Features:
    • New rule actions:
      • Open file
      • Import into iTunes
      • Import into iPhoto
      • Run AppleScript
      • Run Automator workflow
      • Run shell script
      • Run rules on folder contents
    • New software update mechanism. When a new version is available, you are presented with release notes. If you choose to upgrade, the update is downloaded and installed for you.

User interface improvements:
  • Gave rule interface a minor facelift.
  • New shaded look for folder list.
  • Added “Reveal in Finder” contextual menu to folder list items.
  • Can check/uncheck all rules at once by command-clicking one of the checkboxes.
  • Added better keyboard navigation for the rule table.
  • Added “Rename” to the action pull-down menu.
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks.
Rule engine changes/fixes:
  • Combined the “Type” and “Content” attributes into “Kind” to better mirror Finder/Spotlight. The “Folder” kind is much more accurate from a user POV (does not include file and app packages). The “Document” kind is the closest to the former “File” type. “Document” is more accurate in that it will match a file package but will miss certain specialized types of flat files (such as an executable).
  • Fixed case-sensitivity for “is” and “is not” operators (matches are supposed to be case-insensitive).
  • Fixed problem with “Source URL/Address” in combination with “does not contain”. Would evaluate to true when it shouldn’t have at times.
  • Made loop detection smarter when identifying a file. Now matches against the filesystem id. This prevents saving a file with the same name into the folder from triggering the loop detection.
  • Loop detection is now much more lenient. Will only trigger after 5 loops.
  • Finder comments set by Hazel should be reliably seen when doing “Get Info” in Finder.
  • Fixed finder comment action to not prepend a newline when appending a comment if the comment is initially empty.
Other changes/fixes:
  • Fixed bug where multiple alerts would pop up when notifying the user of the end of the evaluation period.
  • Fixed sporadic crash when deleting folders.
  • Worked around problem when upgrading Hazel while System Preferences is running and Hazel has already been loaded. When this happens, you are prompted to restart System Preferences. This should get rid of the odd behavior such as valid license keys all of a sudden considered invalid after an upgrade. Note that this only applies to upgrades from version 1.1 and up. This still remains an issue with the 1.0.x series.