Hazel 1.1.3 Release Notes

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  • “Run rules now” now forces actions to be re-run on a file even if they have already been executed before. Should give better feedback to the user when testing out rules.
  • Added “minute” for time intervals in rules (but not in folder or trash options). Note that there is a fudge factor of 5 minutes or so depending on when Hazel runs so do not expect precision greater than that.
  • Fixed various problems with date added. Date added was not getting reset when a file was re-added to a folder and it was also getting lost when a file was re-saved by certain programs. Internal db changed to a hybrid name/file id table. It should behave as before 1.1.2 (which was the correct way) but still catch file renames in most cases (which is what the 1.1.2 changes were for).
  • Fixed crash when Firefox preferences were saved in a different encoding.
  • Fixed iTunes import failing when either the main library has been renamed or when running under a non-English localization.
  • Fixed problems when there are no iTunes or iPhoto libraries.
  • Fixed rule interface resetting the iPhoto action’s album to “Library”.
  • Fixed rule interface so that it remembers the selection whenever you change attributes.