Giving Hazel “Full Disk Access” on Mojave and later

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Apple’s Mojave update introduced extra privacy protections, including controlling access to various parts of the filesystem. If you find yourself unable to select certain folders or have rules failing when trying to access certain locations, then you will need to authorize Hazel.

To give Hazel full disk access:

  1. Launch “System Preferences”
  2. Load Hazel and go to Hazel’s “Info” section.
  3. Hold down the option key. You will se a “Debug…” button appear. Click that button.
  4. Click on “Show HazelHelper in Finder”.
  5. Click “Done”.
  6. While still in System Preferences, navigate to the “Security & Privacy” pane. You can click here to jump directly to it.
  7. Select “Full Disk Access” in the list
  8. You may need to click the lock in the lower left corner to make changes. This will prompt you for your admin password.
  9. Take HazelHelper from the Finder window you opened earlier and drag it into the “Full Disk Access” list.
  10. Also, if you would like to preview rules or use the rule status UI (or just to get rid of the red badge on your folders), add System Preferences to the “Full Disk Access” list as well.

HazelHelper should appear in the list with its checkboxed checked. After that, Hazel should be able to access files it did pre-Mojave.