Hazel 4.1 Release Notes

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New Features:
  • New in-app help/manual. Hazel’s help has been reorganized and rewritten. It should be more comprehensive and easier to navigate.
  • “Smart” date matching. Custom date attributes now have the option of automatically detecting dates in various formats.
  • Can now match a file based on attributes of another file in the same folder. This is accessible via the target pop-up in nested conditions.
  • Preview popovers can be torn off, thus allow you to view it while editing a condition. Especially useful for editing/previewing patterns.
  • Added new match tokens for “any non-blank character(s)”.
  • New option to set a default value for attributes. If the attribute ends up being blank, the default value you set will be used in its place.
  • Preview of “Contents” will highlight matched text.
  • Added “Capture date” attribute for image files. Can be accessed in the list of Spotlight attributes.
  • Rule status UI now shows color labels/tags for files like in Finder.
User interface changes:
  • Pop-up for destination folders no longer shows all referenced folders. The list is now limited to the last 8 accessed.
  • Fetching iTunes library information should be faster and also no longer requires that iTunes share its XML file.
  • Fixed hang when bringing up open panel to select file to preview. Seemed to occur in cases where there were symbolic links in the path.
  • Fixed attributes not displaying any adjustment statuses (like if there are any text replacements or numerical adjustments).
  • Fixed list of available custom attributes being cut-off after the third one.
  • Fixed color label picker in conditions being too large and therefore getting cut off.
  • “Replace text” window is no longer cut-off at the bottom when first brought up.
  • Selecting “any month” in the recurrence picker now properly resets any other months that were previously selected.
  • Updated look of the server browser.
  • Dropped support for Flock and Camino as neither are developed anymore.
  • Numerous minor fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Added support for iCloud trash folder.
  • “is (not) among the” now works in conjunction with other conditions it is ANDed with. For instance, if you have “Kind is PDF AND Date added is among the last 1 most recent”, the “is among the” condition will match the most recent PDF file. Previously, it would have matched the most recent file, ignoring other conditions.
    Existing rules will be converted to preserve the old behavior by putting “is among the” conditions in their own nested conditions. Make sure to edit those rules if you’d like to adopt the new behavior.
  • Hazel no longer ignores locked files, allowing rules using non-modifying actions (like copy) to process them. Locked files will fail if the action tries to modify/move the file.
  • Fixed log rotation not happening if machine is turned off at the scheduled time.
  • Various other fixes.