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Once you are a hiker, you need to know how to prepare clothes and outdoor gear for your trip. Here is an interesting fact, regardless of the type of hiking, the so-called "bad weather" does not exist but only "inappropriate clothing" does. Therefore, this article will help you choose to buy hiking clothes.

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Costumes when going hiking

Do not wear jeans or cotton shirts: Cotton fabric does not moisturize your sweat, so your clothes and skin will get wet due to sweat, causing your body to cool down.

Underwear made of polyester, nylon, or merino wool (and anything else): these materials will help absorb your sweat, and help your clothes dry quickly. Thanks to this feature, these fabrics are often used to make underwear, t-shirts, sports bra, socks, or convertible pants. In addition, they are also common in other types of clothing.

Comfortable and firm pants: the trails always have lots of poor bends so you'll need to move around easily and comfortably. However, it should be noted that branches and stones can tear thin, stretchy pants, or yoga pants.


A thermal jacket: a fleece jacket is the best choice, a life jacket (with polyester fabric or water-resistant layer inside) is also a good choice for quite cold weather.

A raincoat: choose breathable and waterproof ones as it will help prevent rain and wind from coming into contact with your body and prevent the body from getting sweaty from sweat. If the weather is too harsh, you should bring some best water resistant hiking pants.

A cap: helps keep your head dry and not exposed to the sun, and the cap helps prevent your eyes from being splashed by rain.

A sturdy pair of shoes: not necessarily shoes made of leather, as long as the shoes you wear can support your feet well, protect your feet from roots and gravel, and walk on various terrain.

Strategies when choosing hiking clothes

To make your choosings more comprehensive, you can keep the followings in mind:

Wear multiple layers: each layer of clothing has a certain effect and you can still add or remove some layers of clothing depending on the weather.

Be prepared for some situations: your health and safety completely depend on the outdoor gear you bring. The weather may not be the same as what the weather forecast has said so you need to prepare some items to cope if the weather is changed.

Clothing features are the most important: trendy clothes can be good but clothes with many useful features are the smartest choice to wear when traveling. You should have yourself The Best Hiking Pants Image and shirts.

Focus on the comfort, durability, and price: consider carefully the cost and features of the outdoor gear options that you plan to buy.

Buy hiking shoes or trail running shoes: are the companion of the foot, so choose the shoes that are good and fit your feet.

Main characteristics of the fabric


It is an important element of the underwear layer because it helps to push moisture (caused by sweat) to the outer layer of clothes to help clothes dry quickly. This helps you not to feel wet or cold even if you sweat.

Keeping the heat

This is an important element of the middle layer of clothing because it helps keep your body warm.


Water and wind resistant

An important function of outerwear is that it prevents your clothing from being exposed to rain or other water sources and keeps you from becoming cold. Water and wind resistant jackets and best water resistant hiking pants are not capable of blocking all types of rain and wind and only work well in the weather to a certain degree.

Air ventilator

Also an important element of every layer of clothing because it helps the layers of clothes dry faster. If there is no ventilation between layers of clothing, the tissue will make your skin dry, moist, and cold.

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Sun ray protection

The UPF UV protection index will help your clothing to prevent UVA and UVB rays from passing through your shirt and making contact with your skin.

A good preparation is the first step to an amazing and meaningful journey. Thus, remember to put those tips in use whenever you decide to go hiking to get the most suitable trekking gears and clothes.
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