Updated my server to Ubu 20, now hazel cannot init SSH

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I am able to sftp normally with Transmit, but when hazel tries to upload a file based on a rule, I am getting this error:

2020-07-24 13:11:45.381 hazelworker[2233] Failed trying to get contents of directory for sftp://me@domain.dyndns.org:2222/home/m ... e/filename: Error Domain=se.haxx.curl.libcurl.CURLcode Code=2 "The folder “foldername” could not be accessed. Failure establishing ssh session" UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Failed initialization, NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=sftp://me@domain.dyndns.org:2222/home/me/foldername/, NSErrorFailingURLKey=sftp://me@domain.dyndns.org:2222/home/me/foldername/, NSLocalizedDescription=The folder “foldername” could not be accessed. Failure establishing ssh session}
2020-07-24 13:11:45.381 hazelworker[2233] [Error] Upload failed: Could not upload file filename from folder /Users/me/uploaddir to Process to server domain.dyndns.org

thanks for any help.
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What type of SSH key are you using, in particular the encryption algorithm?
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