Can something mistakenly change an item's "date added"?

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I have a "Hold One Year" folder that functions as a delayed trash container that I’ve been using for a few years. There have always been about a dozen files and folders in it, waiting for their year to end and get moved to the trash.

But yesterday I found the folder empty. Could something (such as the Catalina upgrade I did last week) reset the date added so that Hazel thought it had been there more than a year?

Here is the rule for the "Hold One Year" folder:

If all conditions met:
Date Added is not in the last 1 year
Move to folder trash

What could have happened to my folders and files?
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It might be possible. Can you check the logs? Go to the "Info" section and click "View Log". Search for one of the files that was moved prematurely.
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