Hazel can't detect a date on one of my CC statements

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Every month, I download all banking and credit card statements. I use Hazel to automatically rename them to:

[statement date] - [card/bank name] statement.pdf

A couple of months ago I opened the Amazon credit card (the Synchrony bank, non-Visa one). Hazel is unable to detect the statement date and I'm not sure why. When I choose the correct occurrence, it doesn't read the date, but instead names the file with the actual current date. At first I thought that it was the file creation date it was finding, but the naming changes across multiple days.

I tried searching the text in Preview to ensure the document has been correctly OCR'd. It has been.
I tried other date occurrences in the document to see if they can be read. They can.

Originally, on the document, it looks like the statement date appears second. So checking for the second date creates this error where Hazel renames on today's date. I copied and pasted the entire document into a text editor to test the order. It turns out the statement date that I want is the first occurrence. So when I try for first occurrence, it uses the second date found. If I try for second occurrence, it uses today's date. If I use third occurrence, it uses either the third or fourth date (they're identical). If I use fourth occurrence, the file never rule matches and Hazel does not act on it.

They're are three dates appearing here, all in the same format: 06/30/2019 (the one I want), 07/23/2019, and 07/23/2019.

So to reiterate: first occurrence gives me 07/23/2019, second occurrence gives me today's date, and third occurrence gives me 07/23/2019.

The watch mode also doesn't show a date matched on any of the tests for this document.

I really want to figure this out. My automation goals feel like a failure if I have a single credit card statement that can't be automated every month.
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When previewing the contents, it should show the text the pattern matched as well as the text grabbed by any custom attribute you created. Can you post a screenshot of that for the second occurrence?
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