Hazel moves file before it is completely built

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I recently switched from ScanSnap software to VueScan for scanning my documents. My scanner is no longer supported by ScanSnap for software updates thus the need to switch.

Hopefully the following is not too confusing.

The way that VueScan seems to scan a 2 page double sided document (4 pages total) is to scan Page 1 - Side 1 and creates a file, then the info for Page 1 - Side 2 creates a second file, then these two files are combined into one (so, now back to a single file). Then it continues to the Page 2- Side 1 and creates a new file (now there are two files again), then it appears to join that file into the first combined pair and drops back to one file, then it takes the info from the Page 2 - Side 2 and creates a new second file, then eventually combines that with the first three pages and we are back to a single file. I would assume this process would continue (creating temporary files, combining, and deleting them) with additional pages in the document.

This whole process takes less than a minute. The problem is that Hazel seems to move the file to it's new destination in the middle of this process. What gets moved may be the first 2 or 3 pages but the fourth gets left behind.

I have a step in my rules that says "Date is not in the last 1 minute". I thought this might delay the move but it does not. I have also tried this as 2 minutes but that does not work either.

Any ideas on how to get this rule to start working with my new scanner software?
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Is there a specific naming scheme it uses? If so, maybe you can add a condition to the rule to filter those out?

Otherwise, you'll need to add some sort of delay. Something like "Date last modified is not in the last X minutes".
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