Feature Request - Folder/Rule Documentation and Notes

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1. It would be great if one could right click on a folder name and be able to add notes detailing the purpose of the folder and the rules that run on it. At the moment I reveal in Finder and then access a README created in each folder. But this also means having to exclude the README from any actions
2. For each rule it would be great if there was a properties/info section where more details/notes could be added

I have a lot of rules and sometimes forget details or some the idiosyncrasies associated with them

Many Thanks and keep up the great work!
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For #1, can you post some examples?

For #2, that exists. When editing a rule, look in the top right. There's a note button which will reveal a text box where you can enter whatever you want. That text will also show up if you hover over the rule in the rule list.
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