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Spam Countermeasures Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:37 pm • by Mr_Noodle
I've been fighting a losing battle with spam on this board. I've tried various different methods but they seem to be ineffective. The result is a lot of work from me to remove the spam posts and a lot of noise for you to work through to get through to the real information.

I've been avoiding this until now, but I've now moved towards requiring moderation for new users. When you register your account, your first post will have to be moderated before it will appear. The time to moderation should be within the day, except on weekends, where you'll have to wait until the next business day. If your first post is approved, you can continue posting without moderation.

While I do not like the idea of putting up barriers for legitimate users to be able to participate, the spam has gotten too out of hand and adversely affects the experience for everyone. If you run into any problems with it, please email support. Thanks.
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