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Debug Mode Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:03 pm • by Mr_Noodle
I realized I didn't have a good central place for this so I'm making a sticky article for this. Also, I felt it was important enough that it deserved it's own article instead of just tacking it on to the "Troubleshooting" one.

There is a "debug" mode which will cause Hazel to be more verbose in logging. You can use this to better trace what is happening. After enabling debug mode, if you check the logs (the "View log" button in the "Info" pane), you will get a lot more information. Since this does make the logs grow a bit, you might want to turn it off when you are done troubleshooting.

For those running version 2.3 or later
To enable debug mode:
  • Go to the "Info" tab.
  • Hold down the option/alt key. This will reveal a secret checkbox called "Debug mode" underneath the "View Log" button.
  • Check this and release the option key.

To disable, just follow the instructions above, unchecking the option when it appears.

For those running versions before 2.3
To enable debug mode, you need to use the command line (Terminal):
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defaults write com.noodlesoft.Hazel Debug -bool YES

To reverse the change, do:
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defaults remove com.noodlesoft.Hazel Debug
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