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Pattern Match one OR more words Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:47 pm • by cremmler
I think I just solved the problem:
I used the 'Anything' Token between "Title:" and "," so it becomes:
Contents contain match Title:•songname,
where •songname is 'Anything'.
I hope I'm clear, I'm describing it more complicated than it is :)

I've been using the match pattern feature for date format matching successfully, but have now come across a situation where I need to pattern match song names contained in a registration confirmation pdf.

The song names are always in the same place, formatted as follows:
Title:Song Name,

I was able to use the "Title:" followed by a custom pattern element to get the song name. BUT, as of now, it'll only grab the first word in the song name.
Obviously, many songs have more than one word in their name, so is there a way to make a pattern element that'll take one word OR more, whatever is between "Title:" and ","?

That would be extremely helpful!
Thank you very much
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