Moving files from external harddrive to folder on my mac

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Hi I've been trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong. Have an external hard drive and am trying to move the jpg files to another folder on my computer so I can delete the EH. I keep getting an error messages in the rules status that says "couldn't be removed because i don't have permission in my download folder". I went to info in the download folder and made it "read & write" but I'm still getting the same error message. What can i do to remedy this? I have been reading the msg board and still can't figure what to do or what I'm doing wrong.

Please help, anyone. I greatly appreciate it.
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It's probably privacy permissions. Launch System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy. Click on the Privacy tab. You can either give Hazel access under File and Folders for the Download folder or add Hazel to Full Disk Access to do it once across everything.
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