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is there any chance to have Hazel watching a (smart) playlist in and put a copy of every newly added song (the mp3/m4a file) to another folder? Maybe with the help of an Apple script? (which I'm unfortunately not competent enough to write ...)

I know this is quite a specific task, but if there's any chance to get this done, it would extremely simplify my personal workflow. If this is possible, but only with an Apple script, I would even pay for the efforts if somebody could write it for me.

Thanks so much in advance for your efforts!
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Hazel can't really monitor playlists as they are an internal part of the Music app and not something in the filesystem. You'd need either a script or some special software made to interface with the Music app specifically.
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Thanks a lot for the answer, Mr_Noodle – appreciated. I'll figure something else out – keep up the great work with Hazel! Happy weekend!
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