Preserving all tags when file is a duplicate

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Preserving all tags when file is a duplicate Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:43 pm • by jhein

In my "workflow system", files travel through different folders and even through different servers and accumulate tags while being worked on. At the end, they get stored in an archive. It all works well except when the file already exists in the archive, because while the file is really a duplicate, the meta information in the form of the tags is often different.

I don't need any complicated rules to deal with this. Copying all tags from the new file to the existing file before it gets thrown away would already be pretty great. An even a "just keep the file with the higher number of tags" would be acceptable. The preset options of "overwrite" or "throw away" don't help, because i don't know which file is the one with more tags.

I am hoping that I am not the first person facing this problem and somebody already came up with a solution :) Also just ideas of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

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This seems to be specialized logic so you'll most likely need to write a script to do this. I can't really think of a good way to do it with the conditions/actions currently available outside of that.
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