How use match for different File and rename folder

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I have 6 files with different name and extension.
n. AAA.eml
Pippo 875 n AAAA.pdf

n. BBB.eml
Pippo 453 n BBB.pdf

n. CCC.eml
Pippo 678 n CCC.pdf

Now with match “n ‘custom text’” and sort in the subfolder i create Folder with the file that have the same ‘custom text’
Question: how i can rename the folder with the same number after name Pippo of the file?
It’s better move or not to move files Pippo in the subfolder?
Help me......
I would this result
FOLDER -> Pippo 875 (with file n. AAAA.eml and file Pippo 875 n AAA.pdf)

FOLDER -> Pippo 453 (with file n. BBB.eml and file Pippo 453 n BBB.pdf)

FOLDER -> Pippo 678 (with file n. CCC.eml and file Pippo 678 n CCC.pdf)
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Try using nested conditions, matching based on "another file in the same folder". You might have to be careful in the order you do things, though, as once one file is moved, it won't be available for the other one.
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