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Is it possible to use Hazel to watch a folder and show a full screen preview of last added RAW image, until a new image is added to the folder, which then shows the new image, and so on.

We shoot tethered into Capture One Pro, but their companion iOS app Capture Pilot is prone to crashing/hanging. I would love to see if I could get Hazel to allow me to preview each image on a second display as it comes it - ideally on a black background, but at very least using quicklook.

I've recently installed an app called Raw Right Away which enables finder to display RAW images much faster than normal. ... 7809?mt=12 - so that might speed the preview process - I just need to figure out how to display new images in full screen as each image is added to the folder.

Any help is so appreciated. Thanks!
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You'll probably need some sort of AppleScript to get some program to display the image, and have it do so on the second display. You might want to poke around some AppleScript sites for help on that front.

To match the last added image, you can use a condition like "Date added is among the 1 most recent".
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