Move and open file in one rule doesn't work reliably

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I am trying to sort pdf files from my download folder into different folders automatically but I also need to check their contents. When I add the two actions "Open in default application" and "Move to folder" this results in a few files being opened before they are moved but others are obviously being moved first so I get a "file not found" error.
Is there a better way to achieve this than adding a rule to each of the destination folders?

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The problem with "Open" is that Hazel doesn't know when the opening app is finished. The best way is to do the open after it arrives in the destination.

You don't need to add a rule to each subfolder. Instead add it to the top level one. Use the "Subfolder level" (level 1 is one level below).

You also need another rule to tell Hazel to go into subfolders. Check the manual as there's a whole chapter explaining how that works.
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