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help for file move Fri May 24, 2019 3:54 am • by acts63
Hi everyone, I'm a beginner and I can't get rules to work.
I would like to move the .jpg files from a structure as follows:
2019/01 / DATAFILE / File.jpg
2019/02 / DATAFILE / File.jpg
2019/03 / DATAFILE / File.jpg
ect. until 2019/12 / ....
to a type structure:
2019 / 01Gennaio / File.jpg
2019 / 02Febbraio / File.jpg
2019 / 03Marzo / File.jpg
ect. ect.
you can help me with some advice.
thank you.
how do you post photos?
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Re: help for file move Fri May 24, 2019 11:13 am • by Mr_Noodle
One way to do things is to rename the existing folders. It's a little tricky but first you'll need to create a rule to get Hazel to descend into subfolders. The manual has a chapter on how to do that so look it up there.

Since the subsequent rules will operate on folders in addition to the above rule, I suggest adding a "Continue" action to the above rule.

Now, you'll need a rule to match the DATAFILE folders and rename those. Since the month is in the name of the folder above it, you can try:
Code: Select all
If (all) are met
    Kind is Folder
    Name is DATAFILE
    If (all) are met for (the enclosing folder)
        Name matches (• parent date)
    Rename (• parent date)    <-- formatted to only show the month

•parent date in this case is a custom date attribute. You are grabbing the date of the parent folder and then using the month from that to rename your folder.

Then at the top level, you want to match using a custom date attribute, then Rename only using the year.
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