Why would UNIX "touch" command make Hazel recognize text?

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I have a new scanner and after scanning in a document with OCR, Hazel says in preview that two of the three rules have failed. If I use the Terminal to run the "touch" command on the file, _instantly_ Hazel changes to recognizing the text and does its job of renaming and moving the file to the appropriate location.

I've watched the permissions on the file before and after the touch command, and they don't change (owner is right and has read/write privileges). The only thing I see changing is the timestamp (by the 1 minute it takes me to run the touch command.

I can also get Hazel to recognize the text by opening the file in Preview and closing it. I think Get Info also fixes the file so that Hazel recognizes it.

Any idea why this is happening?
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Not sure but can you send me the exact text of the error when previewing?
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