Replicating Folder Rules in Repeating Client Folders

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Hi all.

I tried to search for answer to this before posting, and it is entirely possible that the answers are looking me right in the face and I fail to recognize them, and if that's the case please accept my apologies in advance.

I am struggling with what seems like it should be a very simple thing to do with Hazel, but it does not seem to be covered in a way that is obvious to me.
I am a lawyer and have a client folder for each client.
Each client folder has the same sub-folders. (The examples below have three, in reality each client has the same 11 folders.

To keep it simple, assume I have three clients, and each client has 3 folders like this:




I want to be able to tag each new file with two tags, the client name and the folder, i.e. apply tags “Vader” and “Research,” put it in Dropbox, and have the file end up in the Dropbox>Vader>Research.

The rules for the Dropbox folder work fine, I can get the file from Dropbox to Vader without problem.

But I feel like I should be able to have a single set of rules that I can copy into each client folder so that when Hazel sends all the files tagged “Vader” to the “Vader” folder, the file then encounters a series of Hazel rules that tell Hazel to file all files in the “Vader” folder that are tagged “research” to be moved into the Vader>Research folder "pleadings" to the Vader>Pleadings folder etc.

Is it possible to create a single set of tags: "pleadings" "research" "letters" etc and drop those rules into the client folder so that once Hazel sends the file to "Vader" or "Skywalker" or whatever, it then gets into the right folder?

I feel like this should be easy, but I am missing something.

Thank you.
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Can you get the rules working for one set of client folders? If so, then what you can do is move those rules to the main folder. From there, you will need to add a rule to tell Hazel to go into subfolders. Check the manual as there is a chapter on it. Once you have that in place, you'll have to tweak your rules. For instance, you probably need to specify subfolder levels for each rule so that it only kicks in when it's a certain number of levels deep.
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