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I have a trial of Hazel and want first to find out if it can help me to solve a main problem.

A while ago i startet creating symlinks, but meanwhile they are out of control. First I want Hazel to show me all Alias files on my Macintosh HD in a finder window and complete them with the corresponding original files. I know, that on one Alias file I can tell finder to "go to original", but I want a list of all Alias files and corresponding original files in one finder window, so I can maintain them easier.

Therefore I have tried to tell Hazel to search all Alias on my Macintosh HD.
I think this should work somehow, but I could not find out how. When I start my search on Macintosh HD, nothing happens.

I appreciate all help to resolve my problem.
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I think creating a Smart Folder would be more appropriate for this type of problem.
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