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MainFolder rules:


date created is not in last 1 hour
kind is not folder

result = move to xxx


- kind is folder
- folder sub count is 0

result = move to xxx


- kind is folder
- run rules on folder contents "...go into subfolders..."


1 - it would pull out files and move
2 - my example would next be left with empty folders
3 - empty folders would be moved


(ran this a few times) - I saw it do all these steps successfully a few times - then it didn't finish so I was left with empty folder (that had it's files moved) that didn't move. When I ran the rule a second time - it moved the remaining empty folder

So it seems sometimes the recursive functionality does not always work the 1st time.

Q: Is there a way to improve this?

Thanks Dave
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My guess is that Hazel is technically processing the main folder 3 times, so you may need to wait for it to process each round of rule evaluation.

Since it eventually processes as you intended, it might be a matter of just waiting for it to revisit that folder and process the subsequent rounds of rules.

I often notice recursive rule sets like that seem to take longer for all of the subfolders & files to get processed. I've seen the same rule set take effect instantly, as well as take a few minutes to fully kick in after processing all subfolders.
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A file/folder can only match one rule, which is the first one it matches. Since both rules above it match folders, it will never get to rule 3.

You should either add the "Run rules on folder contents" action to both rules 1 and 2 or add the "Continue" action, which will allow the folder to continue after a match so it can finally match rule 3.
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