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Can't Match Text Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:43 pm • by glennbtn
Hi All

I have 2 macs both running Mojave and both running Hazel 4.3.3

I have a text document created by siri shortcuts which places a test file in dropbox. I want to use this to run a script but having issues on 1 machine when testing the preview on the text.

On my MacBook Pro I can create the rule that looks for Contents Contain and do the preview which matches perfectly, now if I do the same on the Mac Mini the preview fails. I have even exported the rule from the MacBook Pro and imported in to the Mac Mini as the folder locations are the same for dropbox and it still fails.

Anyone got a clue what might be going on. The file is there with the test and no typo's but still fails on the Mac Mini

Many thanks

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Re: Can't Match Text Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:50 am • by Mr_Noodle
It's probably a Spotlight issue. Try doing a Spotlight search for that text. If the file in question doesn't show up in the results, then it won't match in Hazel either.

You can either try fixing Spotlight on that machine or use "Contents contain match", which is more reliable at the expense of some performance.
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