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File Kind mismatch Sun Nov 19, 2023 9:41 am • by awaldraff
I had to reinstall my computer from scratch. I had saved a large set of rules that manage my .md (markdown) files.

Since the reinstall I noticed Hazel now recognizes the markdown files as "text" files. My rules use kind is "Markdown Documents".

In finder those same files appear as kind: Markdown.

Also: Markdown is not an option in the list of possible file kinds in Hazel. There is "Markdown Document"

My worry is that I have a separate set of rules for text files. So changing the kind statement in the rules is a painful option.

I am running the 53a8 (2355) beta, because I previously had an issue where hazel would not delete empty folders
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Re: File Kind mismatch Mon Nov 20, 2023 9:30 am • by Mr_Noodle
If you set your Markdown rule to appear before the text one, it should be fine, as long as that rule does not use the "Continue" action.
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