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I would like to create a rule wherein the Target Folder is tagged Green if all the jpeg files within it, in turn, have the Green tag, irrespective of other files. So, in Example A, the Target Folder will get a Green tag but not so in Example B.

Example A
Watched Folder > Target Folder > 5 jpeg files (all tagged Green) and 3 pdf files

Example B
Watched Folder > Target Folder > 3 jpeg files (tagged Green), 1 jpeg file (no tags) and 3 pdf files

I am struggling to create a rule that disregards other files (in this case pdfs), focusing only on the jpegs, and then assigns rules based on their properties. I've tried to play around with nested conditions but have come up empty. I have attached an image of what I have so far. Specifically, I cannot understand why the rule matches for the "Kind is PDF" bit but not for the "Kind is Image + Tags contain tags Green" bit. Apologies if I haven't been clear in explaining this well.

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The preview here is a bit misleading as you have to understand that when you use any of the "sub-files" targets, it is trying to match against multiple files. The UI can only show one result though. In this case, it is showing the results for one of the files underneath the folder you are previewing.
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Thanks @Mr_Noodle. That was very helpful and I have made significant progress. However, I have now run into another, more complicated issue that I will need to send files and rules to explain and so will email you on Support.
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