Copy, sort and rename the photos of my Sony RX100 camera

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I mainly use Hazel to organize my photos. I have a Sony DSC-RX100 (M1) and every time I connect the camera or the SD card on the MBP, Hazel does the next jobs:

1. If the file is a RAW, it moves it to a JPG folder. If it's a RAW, obviously moves it to a RAW foldes
2. Rename all files to "RXYYYYMMDDHHMMSS" (RX20171119073746.ext)
3. Then sorts them into a year-month (2017-11) taking the "Date takken" for the sorting proccess

This is a huge relief! Months ago, I had to copy the JPG files to its respective folder and the same with the RAW, then start the nightmare of the sorting.

Hope this result heplful to anyone... Sorry for my English, I'm from Venezuela
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Can you put the rule that you used?

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