Use with Automator 'Take Picture' with your camera

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I've just discovered that my (Nikon D200) camera supports PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). This means I can create an Automator action that triggers the camera to take a picture and place the image in my Picture folder (the action is in the Image Capture section). It would be cool if the image would automatically open Preview to display it, but it doesn't.

Hazel to the rescue! I created a rule for the pictures folder that opens images created within the last minute in Preview. If you don't do the 'within the last minute' thing then ALL pictures in the folder open in Preview.

So now I double-click the Automator workflow, the camera takes the picture and a second or two later the image opens up in Preview. This is WAY better than previewing on the camera LCD. Probably not much use out and about but in the studio it works great.
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