Drop Box for file saves

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Drop Box for file saves Thu Sep 07, 2006 4:31 pm • by blodwyn
This seems like a really useful utility!

My first experiment was to create a 'DropBox' folder on my desktop. I then created a bunch of rules that would move files to my various document folders based on their filename and/or extension. E.g. any files with a .xls extension get moved to my Excel folder. This means I can save or drag everything to my DropBox and have it automatically filed. Over time I will expect to develop a file naming convention to deal with more complex filing rules, but for now it's working pretty well.
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Thu Oct 19, 2006 7:18 am • by davidsl
:D A very neat idea. If I ever get Hazel to work (see my post to support if interested) I shall emulate your idea.
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