Screenshots & Photos sorting into (and kept from) iPhoto

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I take screenshots alot, for various reasons, and I also download images from the tubes. I prefer this type of image to be filed in a small folder for easy drag-drop access. I do not want these images in iPhoto; thats where I keep family/personal photos organized.

So Hazel does this:

Filetype picture
if the filename begins with "Picture" then move to "/Photos/Screenshots/"
if the file is less than 1 mb move to "/Photos/Clips"
if the filesize is larger than 3 mb import to iPhoto
if the filename begins with DSC*, import to iPhoto
else move to "/Photos/Misc"

Although not exhaustive, it hasn't failed me yet.
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Thanks for sharing this (and your other) tips. One thing you can add is filtering on the picture's resolution to do things like identify screenshots. Check out the video here:
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