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I wanted to share the AppleScript I use for my application dropbox in case it would be of any use to anyone.

This script first bunts the application over to xSlimmer, which removes excess architectures and languages from the application.

It waits until that application quits (i.e. doesn't appear in the Finder's list of processes), asks me to confirm the application's name, and then creates a task on my to-do list at Remember the Milk to try out the application and decide whether or not to keep it.

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on hazelProcessFile(theFile)
   tell application "Xslimmer"
      open theFile
   end tell
   tell application "Finder"
      repeat until name of processes does not contain "Xslimmer"
         delay 5
      end repeat
   end tell
   set file_name to name of (info for theFile)
   tell application "System Events"
      set shortquestion to display dialog "Short name for this application?" default answer file_name default button 2
      set shortname to text returned of shortquestion
   end tell
   set RTMurl to "" & shortname & "+and+decide+whether+it's+an+application+you+want+to+keep+around,+or+whether+it+should+be+deleted.&list=listIDnumbergoeshere&priority=&due=&repeat=&estimate=&tags=@mac+apptryout&url=&add=\"Add%20Form\""
   do shell script "/usr/bin/open \"" & RTMurl & "\""
end hazelProcessFile
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This is excellent - I think I'll modify this to use xslimmer on all my downloaded apps.
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