Lifestreaming (Save Social Media Activity) to Day One

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Check out GiftttDy, my approach to capturing all sorts of online activity to Day One, with the help of Hazel. There have been other approaches, but most rely on using the Day One command line tool. This provides limited ability to format, capture tags, and other features that Day One supports through it's native user interface. For example, Day One (including the command line tool) only allows one photo per entry. By using HTML in my script, I can put multiple photos in one entry by simply linking to the photo on the web. While this requires you to have an internet connection to see the photos, it saves a lot of space on your hard disk.

The basic setup is to use IFTTT recipes to create a file in Dropbox. Hazel monitors the Dropbox folder and executes an AppleScript I wrote to create the Day One entries. I've also created and shared a large number of IFTTT recipes that you can use. I'm constantly adding new shared recipes as the mood strikes. In case you’re wondering, there are currently GiftttDy recipes for tweets, favorite tweets, new followers on Twitter, Facebook status updates, Facebook link posts, Facebook photo posts, posts, starred posts, new followers on, Goodreads updates, Instagram photos, iOS photos (front and rear camera), LinkedIn updates, new LinkedIn connections, StumbleUpon ‘stumbles’, Pinterest pins, Foursquare checkins, RSS feeds, sending journal entries via Siri, sending journal entries via email, iOS Contact updates, Blogger posts, WordPress posts, Tumblr posts, Toodledo items as they are completed, saves to Pocket, saves on Reddit, up votes on Reddit, scrobbles, ‘loves’, Fitbit daily summary, Fitbit step goal achieved. More recipes coming soon (YouTube, Flickr, Instapaper, 500px, Vimeo, Readability, SoundCloud...)

For complete details, check out my website:

Oh, and my script is FREE! :)
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