Getting iDentify to Process Multiple Files

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Getting iDentify to Process Multiple Files Fri May 31, 2013 11:15 pm • by Glgamesh
I was having an issue when I opened multiple files in iDentify through Hazel. iDentify would crash when several files were opening it in succession.

Apparently, this has not been an issue until Mountain Lion.

To get around it, after I have Hazel open the file in Identify, I run an Applescript to Delay iDentify for 20 seconds which gives it time to look at the first request before adding the successive requests. I tested it using several files (up to ten at once) and iDentify has not yet crashed.

So the steps are:

1. Open iDentify
2. Run Applescript

tell application "iDentify"
delay 20
end tell
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