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I gave up trying to get the built in screen saver to use smart folders to filter all of my images into the screen saver. The problem is that I have all of my photos arranged roughly by type into sub folders, but sub folders will not work in the screen saver. Smart folders are not even recognised.

I did manage to do this using Hazel and a few simple rules that create alias' of the images in a dedicated folder which can be picked up by the screen saver.

Basically I have a folder structure like this;

    /+For Screen Saver
    /Desktop Pictures
      /1. Nat Geo
      /2. Aerial
      /3. Cosmos

Hazel automatically searches the "Desktop Pictures" folder, finds any images, color labels them green, adds a spotlight comment "screensaver" and finally places an alias in the "+For Screen Saver" folder.

So any time I want to add a picture, I just drop it into the "Desktop Pictures" folder, or one of the classified subfolders and Hazel automatically does its magic.


Here is the main rule. ... hazelrules

The second rule cleans up any duplicate alias' created, based on the Finder copy naming convention of adding -1 to the end of a file name. ... hazelrules

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