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Archiving Subfolders Tue May 07, 2013 9:21 pm • by Glgamesh
OK, this may be very obvious to some (most?), but it wasn't to me so I figured I'd put it here in case.

Archiving subfolders is actually pretty easy. The trick isn't in the archiving rule itself, but in adjusting the "Go into subfolders" rule.

Since Hazel only processes the first rule that matches an item, if you don't limit how far down it looks, then the first rule for all subfolders will be "Go into subfolders". Just adjust the Go into subfolders rule to add the Subfolder Depth condition and set it to the level you need.

E.G. You folder structure is:

Main 0/subfolder 1/subfolder 2/subfolder 3/misc files

and you want to archive all files in their individual subfolder 3 folders, then just set the Subfolder Depth to less than 2. This way, Hazel will apply the Go into subfolders rule depth of 2 and stop. You can then write another rule to simply archive the folder. That rule will be applied to the level 3 folders.
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