How to Test Hazel AppleScripts in AppleScript Editor

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This is probably old news for those of you that know a thing or two about AppleScript, but it's been helpful to me.

After quite a bit of testing and trying different techniques, I think I finally found the easiest way to test how Hazel will process a given file by running it through AppleScript Editor with this snippet at the top:
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property theFile : alias "Path:To:Your:Example File.extension"

That's for embedded AppleScripts. For external ones, also include this after that:

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on hazelProcessFile(theFile)
--Your external Hazel script goes here.
end hazelProcessFile

I wrote this up as a brief blog post here: but I figured it might also do some good for me to post it here in the tips and tricks forum, as I know I've spent plenty of time digging through these threads.

Hope this helps someone!
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While this is great, I find that it is kind of a pain to test against multiple different files.

I do this:

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set theFile to choose file

To select my own files.
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